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Why You Should Do Exercises at Work?

You know very well that in order to take care of your body you need to exercise. But with work, family and long commutes, where do you get the time for this?

The answer is to do exercises at work.

exercises at work instructions

Being physically inactive can lead to more than just a beer belly or flabby thighs. Over 300,000 adults in America alone die every year because they are inactive and have poor diets that don't give adequate nutrition.

Not being active enough can increase the risk of getting hypertension by 30% and double your heart disease risk, among other diseases that commonly strike sedentary workers.

It can be difficult to set aside enough time to do an exercise routine, though. If you are already spending forty or more hours in the office each week, you are probably a couch potato by the time you get home. Most of us juggle a career, family, personal interests, and a social life. In the face of all these other things to do, going to the gym simply gets put off endlessly.

Doing exercises at work is a simple, effective way to help reduce the strains associated with office work, such as those on your eyes, back, and wrists. You can also build muscle, tone your body, and get the blood pumping to your brain, which can help improve your mood and energy level. This may also help to increase your productivity.

Finding and inventing exercises to do at work can be somewhat frustrating. Searching for good ideas can be unreliable, and some recommended exercises are simply impossible or inconvenient. You can spend a lot of time fruitlessly searching for the right ones to do instead of benefiting from them.

Fortunately, we've produced a list of simple, fun exercises that can be done at your desk.

When you provide your email and the time of the day when you'd like to exercise, we will email you one of those exercises at the time requested Monday through Friday.

Exercising at work is a smart, healthy way to reduce your risk of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle, while enjoying yourself and the immediate mental, energy level, and mood benefits to exercise as part of your daily routine.



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